Foto: Eivind Haugstad Kleiven

Snøhetta marks the boundary of Dovrefjell. In times gone by, it was thought to be the highest peak in the country. Today we know better, but it's easy to agree that the Snøhetta massif is imposing as it rises high and free above the Dovre plateau. 

Loceted just below Snøhetta Reinheim Turisthytte was built by The Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT) in 1952. The Army then took it over related to the developement of of Hjerkinn shooting field in 1959. The lodge then changed name to Snøheim. In the autumn of 2007 DNT Oslo og Omegn got Snøheim back from the Army. Today Snøheim is a DNT lodge with 80 bunks, in roms with two and four bunks.

Opening hours:

Snøheim is open between June 24th and October 9th 2022. 


The lodge is easlily accessible with train to Hjerkinn, and a shuttlebus to Snøheim from there.

Booking shuttlebus  /  Train  /  Shuttlebus 2021  

As part of our Covid-19 precautions, you have to book your stay as well as the shuttlebus in advance. There will be no drop-ins available.  

Book your stay:

E-mail:snoheim@dnt.no / Phone: +47 47 96 22 86


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